天涯共此时 | 3月15日相约美国西南偏南SXSW“中国之夜”


Music vibrants everyone's heart with no limitation of the nationalities,

And every track storages a special memory that only belongs to you.

You may feel lonely when you are far away from home,

Going across the sea,

But if there is a voice catches you with tone and rhythm that resonates,

Or you feel the power from your cultural root,

You could understand——

You are not alone.

15th March, MTA Festival brings six groups of Chinese artists to 

One of the biggest gala in the world, SXSW,

presenting "China Night" Showcase for everyone.

If we have not met before,

Come and we will be friends evermore.

Bright moon arising,

We share the same happiness no matter where we are. 








3月15日,MTA Festival携六组华人艺术家来到





时间 Date: 8 PM - 2 AM, March 15th 2018 

地点 Venue:3 Ten Austin City Limits Live

地址 Address:310 Willie Nelson Blvd, Suite 1A

日程 Schedule:

8:00-8:40 PM FAZI 法兹

9:00-9:40 PM Ruby Fatale 鹿比 ∞ 吠陀

10:00-10:40 PM Moxizishi X Jikehabu X 3He 莫西子诗 X 吉克哈布 X 3 He 

11:00-11:40 PM SHAO

00:00 - 00:40 AM Subs

1:00 - 1:40 AM Second Hand Rose 二手玫瑰

Artists | 音乐人


FAZI (formerly The Fuzz) is a Chinese Post-Punk / Indie-Rock band formed in Xi'an in 2010.Their music brims with abundant vitality, moves its audience from the inside, stirring anger in their calm. On stage they’re like a perpetual motion machine, relentlessly generating captivating noise. Their music points directly to your heart, simply but powerfully.
October 2013, FAZI released debut album “Running Horse”. March 2015, they released a 7 inch vinyl “Golden Cage” then signed to Maybe Mars. In early 2016, their second studio album “Root of Innocence” was released. Afterwards, FAZI went on a massive 43-city album release tour in China in March and April. One year later, in April 2017, FAZI went abroad for the first time. They had 14 shows and 2 festival showcases in Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. FAZI eared applause and praise with their proudly Chinese singing. Europeans were surprised by this post-punk band from China. The albums and merch FAZI brought were sold out even before the tour finished. Now, FAZIs third album “Heart of Desire” is coming, with 8 tracks they recorded on the way of their last China tour, available in digital, CD, cassette and vinyl.


Ruby Fatale 鹿比 ∞ 吠陀

Drenched in the unique atmosphere of stoner/doom/glitch music and the violent aesthetics, Ruby grabs idea from literature, geometric figures and her own experiences. She also concretizes ideas, desires, pieces of memory to dedicate sound particles which are content in specified frequent, and put the particles into her music randomly. When she performs, she likes to tell a story with an industrial and cold sound, creating anxious atmosphere. Incidentally, put some beautiful sounds from instruments in the cold, harsh background. Ruby always arranges her set dramatically to lead audiences passing through dynamic/static situation and ancient/modern ages.

本团成立于2015年10月,于2016发行的第一张专辑「重力与恩宠」即入围台湾金音最佳电音单曲、最佳新团,并获该年度最佳电音专辑奖,是为实力证明。团内成员两人,团长唐诗婷为北艺大美术史研究所毕业生、于团内担任数位声响的制作编写,吉他手黄钧毅为职业session player及吉他教师。虽成立时间尚短,除演各类型演出邀约外,本团已是重点音乐祭的常客,目前已参与的重要演出包括2016年春天吶喊、2016简单生活节、2016年wake up音乐祭、2016年见证大团开发场5、2016年台北周末不断电十强投票演出、2016年巨兽摇滚、2017年大团诞生年终回顾场,演出之余,也因发展成绩受媒体青睐、获邀streetvoice小树报新歌、亚洲电台音乐专访,歌曲更不时被streetvoice音乐编辑列为「今日推荐」、或收2016、2017年度歌单,并有两篇电子文章报导。

Moxizishi X Jikehabu X 3He 

莫西子诗 X 吉克哈布 X 3 He

There are 3 famous musician including a folk musician Moxizishi, a Yi nationality folk & root musician Jikehabu, pioneer electronic musician 3He, planning a special show for SXSW. There will be a wonderful performance, while Moxizishi as the principal part, fusion of root folk music and electronic music.


Moxizishi is an independent musician, singer and music producer of the Yi nationality. His work is difficult to classify, combining elements of folk, rock, world music and trance. He is also active in developing artistic partnerships in other areas, including film, theater and dance. Some of his best known works are the album The Wilds, and the songs "If I Die It Will Be By Your Hand" and "Don't Be Afraid".



Jikehabu, began to learn reciting passages from scriptures and Bimo music since he was young, be the inheritor of Yi nationality Bimo music. ‘Bimo’is the Yi transliteration, ‘Bi’means chant scripture, "Mo" means ‘knowledgeable elders’. Bimo is an intellectual in the entire Yi society, and a defender and disseminator of Yi culture.


3He, a electronic musician live in Beijing, China. His music style focus on IDM,Glitch,Ambiet, also includes Down TEMPLE,Techno,Minimal,Electronica, etc.

3He,来自中国北京的电子艺人,风格以IDM、Glitch、Ambiet为主,也包括Down TEMPLE、Techno、Minimal、Electronica等风格。

(You may find a special version of this song.)


Shao Yanpeng, previously known under the moniker Dead J, is one of China’s leading electronic artists a sought after composer and sounddesigner. Shao began making electronic music in 2002. Influenced by classical oriental philosophy and Industrial German and Bauhaus ideals, his music explores the relationship between sound and space. Tensions are interweaved with restrained emotions, and a sense of space running through the movement, can be felt - calm, solid, yet highly impressive.

In Sept 2015 he released his EP Dopplershift Pt. 1 on Tresor Records which makes him the first chinese artist ever on the label of this legendary Berlin techno club and played the TRESOR showcase at ADE in Amsterdam.

In March 2016 he was named one of the international artists to watch i by THE FADER and subsequently toured extensively in and outside of China (St. Petersburg, Ars Electronica, Helsinki, OZ Asia Adelaide, Sonar Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, USA etc)

在过去十年里,Dead J一直是北京电子乐场景里响亮的名字之一。早年和Sulumi、B6、me:mo一起开疆拓土,掀起北京电子新生代浪潮的他,如今将以本名邵彦棚重新开始。

2015年,邵彦棚成为了柏林Techno传奇Tresor签约的第一位中国艺术家,一举将自己的美学理念带入了世界电子音乐的暴风中心,接连发行黑胶Tresor 280. ,并完成了电子音乐节ADE(阿姆斯特丹电子音乐节)的邀约演出。 曾以Spaceman形象出现的邵彦棚,更像一位空间制造者。从脑内的IDM嗡嗡声转换到到结实的Techno线条输送,从声音与视觉互动向着光芒的散射形式演变——主导舞池的是纯粹而生理化的律动,在汗流浃背的人群中,昼夜以光的形式遁形。


SUBS is a pretty, prickly flower grown from the grime and soil of China’s punk scene — direct, powerful, reckless, unrepressed, and a bit strange. They define their own inimitable style, mixing hardcore, emo, garage, and New Wave, streaked with influences from post-punk, psychedelic rock, synthcore, and art punk.

SUBS has embraced the spotlight over the course of more than a dozen international tours, including headlining a string of northern European festivals in 2005 and 2006. SUBS’s story has been told in several documentaries by filmmakers from around the world, including Rock Heart Beijing, produced by Norsk Dokumetarfilm over the course of five years. SUBS is also the only Chinese band to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone’s China edition. Within the underground scene, SUBS has won Best Band, Best Album and Best Vocalist titles from different institutions, media, music festivals, and fan-voted award ceremonies.




主唱: 抗猫 / 吉他: 吴昊 / 鼓: JOSH

Second Hand Rose 二手玫瑰

Vocalist: Liang Long

Guitarist: Yao Lan

Suona Player: WU Zekun

Drummer: Sun Quan

Bassist: Li Ziqiang


Named for the signature rose singer Liang Long often wears behind his ear and the notion that rock in China is a second-hand endeavor, Second Hand Rose revels in taboos and tweaking the establishment: for their performance at the Workers’ Gymnasium, they brought pig statues on stage to reference the line “a group of pigs fly to heaven” in their song “Allow Some Artists to Get Rich First," an allusion to Deng Xiaoping’s slogan, “let some people get rich first” as China began its embrace of capitalism.

Their unique combination of Chinese and western sounds and their hyperbolic visual spectacles have earned them a reputation as the best live band of China, confirmed by over a dozen awards for "Best Band", "Best Album" and "Best Live Act" over the past decade. They regularly headline China's major festivals and made their US debut in 2014 headlining Modern Sky Festival's in Central Park, followed by a Northeast US tour. They have since performed in 2015 at Switzerland's Paleo Festival Nyon, Ulsan Word Music Festival in Korea, Lantern Festivals concerts in New Zealand and most recently The Golden Horse Awards (the Chinese world's equivalent to the Oscars) this year.




主唱:梁龙 / 吉他:姚澜 / 贝司:李自强 / 鼓手:孙权 / 民乐:吴泽琨

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